Must Read This Is How We Fly Book

Ellen Lopez-Rourke is determined to spend every Moment of last summer outside the university with her two best friends Melissa and Xiumiao. But all this changes when Ellen was born after too many socio-political quarrels with her mother-in-law. With Melissa’s help, Ellen negotiates an exception to her house seize: joining a local league of Quidditch players.

Ellen was never interested in Sports until she became her last resort and does not know what to expect when Melissa invites her to join the league and play the game based on a fictional Sport from the world of Harry Potter. But as her relationships with family and friends become increasingly complicated, Ellen is deeply rooted in the inclusive community of Quidditch gamers. Her confidence on the court in her racket role (a defensive position) grows and she begins to realize that she has found a home on the court. Although brooms don’t really fly, it still looks a bit like Magic.

Anna Meriano’s debut youth novel This is How We Fly turns “Cinderella” into a Coming-of-Age story about a young woman who emotionally navigates through difficult family dynamics and seeks an outlet for her own fears and frustrations—about her friendships, her gender identity and the state of the world. Meriano’s teenage characters are dimensional and ready to fly sideways with their PVC brooms, though that doesn’t apply to the mature in the book, especially Ellen’s stepmother Connie. The varied characters authentically reflect the reality of teens ‘ lives in 2020, and their interests and perspectives on political and social issues, including global climate change, racial inequality, and gender norms, are fresh and contemporary.

Around it all, it’s what feels like a fervent love letter to fan culture, as Ellen and her new friends delve into a community born of a common enthusiasm for Harry Potter. Thus, We Fly testifies to the power of Fans to breathe new life into stories beyond the pages of books or the wildest dreams of their creators.

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