Make Your Own Colourful Geometric Necklaces

Polymer clay is such a versatile artisanal offering. I used it to create everything from mini vases with buds to shaped magnets to these geometric necklaces. If you have not yet been inspired to try your hand at making polymer clay beads, get ready to be inspired! Not only are these necklaces super adorable, they come together relatively quickly and you’ll be wearing your personalized creation in no time.


– Polymer Clay in several colors
– Utility Knife
– 6mm Gold Jump Rings
– golden eye pins
– Gold Necklace Chain
– Gold LOBSTER clasps (only required if you make a short necklace)
– Clamp
– Baking tray and oven

Step One: Start by sketching your design. The more asymmetry, the better!

Step two: cut parts of the clay And roll them into logs, circles or rings. Then cut an eye pencil in half and slide the pencil into the end of the tone with the pliers.

Step Three: Use your utility knife to cut small pieces of clay to create a faceted look.

Step Four: once you have formed all of your beads, cut a 1/2″ piece of an eye needle and use the pliers to push the eye needles through adjacent parts. Once you have connected all your pieces of clay, or that you have added all your needles in mind, place the clay on a baking sheet, baking dish (I use the back of my stove to keep the trays without peril to the food and cook them in the oven at 275°F for 15 to 20 minutes. Let the pieces cool.

Step Five: Open the eye pins to connect all your pieces together to finish your pendants, then use the jump rings and chain to create your necklace and hang your pendants on it.

I had so much fun making these necklaces and I love how unique each one is. Talk about statement necklaces! It would also be a great craft night project with your friends. Imagine how many different shapes and settings everyone would do!

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