Here Is Reason Your Kitten Is Crying At Night

Just like mature cats, kittens are naturally nocturnal creatures. They are instinctively more active at night. This can cause problems between you and your new cat friend who has not yet adapted to your preferred sleep and wake schedule. If your kitten is very noisy at night, here are a few reasons why and tips to stop excessive crying at night.

1. Boredom and loneliness

Kittens have much more energy than mature cats. If your kitten is bored or feeling lonely, maybe it’s just looking for someone to play with. Sometimes the adoption of two kittens can soften the nightly crying, as they spend the night playing with each other.

2. Hunting

Your kitten can practice jumping and chasing prey. Some kittens and cats are just noisy hunters. A kitten can vocalize when it sees a movement or toy that looks like a prey, or meow when it catches and strike its prey.

3. Talkative kitten

Some kittens are just talkative and more likely to verbalize. This trend is definitely sweeter during the day.

4. Fear

If you just brought your kitten home, crying at night can be associated with anxiety. As soon as your kitten begins to feel more comfortable in your house, it can calm down. If you provide your kitten with its own bed, scratching post and toys, you can feel at home.

5. Uknowingly reward behavior

Consider how you react to crying to see if you reward your kitten and train to cry at night. For example, if you feed your kitten early in the morning, as soon as crying begins, you will train your kitten to cry by rewarding his behavior. Instead of getting out of bed and feeding your kitten right away, do something else first. In this way, your kitten will not associate you with food to get out of bed.

More tips to stop a kitten crying at night

Divert the attention of your kitten so that it does not have time or desire to cry. Making your kitten tired is one way to achieve this so that it sleeps more at night. Before going to bed, enjoy a little playtime. Boom, run and jump your kitten with a feathered toy or laser light for 20 to 30 minutes before bedtime. As a result, your kitten will get tired and ready to lie along with you. In addition, leave new toys aside at night so that your cat can play quietly in another room, ideally in a room away from your room. After all, for some kittens who speak only at night, you need to keep them in another room at night so that they can sleep in peace and quiet.

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