DIY For Quick And Easy Yarn Wall Art

This is one of those happy DIY accidents, if I’m honest. I had folded this set of beads in half after using it as a dummy clutch holder on another film and then stowed a bundle of wire next to it. After passing three times, I realized that I only had to sew a little thread on the floor, and I had a beautiful wall hanging that looked like an inverted rainbow! This one packs all the charm of a more complex piece of fiber and can be made in an afternoon.



– a wood, beads circle placemat
-7 Strands of Yarn (50 Grams or more) in Your Favorite Colors
– embroidery needle
– White wire

Place your colors in the desired order, then start with your Center color. Take a bundle of 20-25 strands of yarn, each about 38 ” long. Take one of the strands and tie a knot in the center of your bundle of yarn.

Thread one side of the just knotted strand and thread your needle. Sew through the placemat so that you have passed through the base and not just around the strings that hold the beads together. After sewing, place the needle under the arc created by your bundle of thread and attach this strand to the other strand. You want your bundle of yarn to be tight against your placemat. You should not be able to see a gap between them.

Repeat the process with two more beams of the same color, then 2-3 beams of the next color, etc. and so on. And so on.

Use a cover stitch to sew the placemat with a thread like a Taco. Then make a loop tied with thread and sew it across the back so that you can easily hang it.

These colors make me feel like summer, but it would be really great in neutral or boys/girls colors for a kid’s room. Wooden beads add a warm bohemian touch, but you can also use a glass bead placemat for something more eye-catching. It was such a simple project, so it is user-friendly for beginners. Hope You enjoy!

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