A Must Have Book A Spy In The Struggle

Environmental racism, police and FBI misconduct, gentrification and other social injustices are at the heart of Aya de León’s Novel, a action spy. Even recent times occurs for a short time. All these elements of the moment unite to form a compulsive story that takes place in Holloway, a poor but proud neighborhood near San Francisco.


Dying The opening of the book tells you almost everything you need to know about its protagonist Yolanda Vance. As an associate at a corrupt law firm, she betrays the otherwise prestigious company because it’s just the right thing to do. For Yolanda, doing the right thing is paramount. It’s almost as important as being the right thing. The daughter of a charismatic but adulterous southern preacher and a woman too often deceived by inferior men, Yolanda decides early in her life not to prevent anything from succeeding.

This includes men, racism, sexism and any other “Ism” out there waiting for you to trip you up. His attention and determination pay off when the FBI engages him in a seemingly grateful act and entrusts him with a very special mission.

Yolanda learns that an eco-activist group called black, red and green! makes it difficult for a government contractor the size of Microsoft, RandellCorp, who invaded Holloway without offering any jobs to residents.

In addition, the Behemoth company arranged carcinogens in an old railway station, but they claim to be greener than Kermit the Frog. Yolanda’s task is to infiltrate black, red and green! and tell the comings and goings of its members. But this story is not just about a stone-torn curator, whose eyes are open; it turns bald into something darker and kinetic.

A spy in action is as captivating as it is surprising and makes readers fall in the middle of things before they even know it.

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