A DIY To Make A Unicorn Plush

Nothing is more magical than unicorns, right? When Elsie asked if I could make a unicorn plush, my mind went straight to the magic of it. Then I put on my materials and felt a little overwhelmed by the task, since I never made a plush toy—and most importantly, I did not make a downloadable model for one. After doing my first model, I realized that I was not worried about anything. The construction of this project takes some time, but it is not as difficult as it seems. I promise pinky.


– Downloadable joining samples: Model 1, Model 2
– White fabric
– The Pink Thread
– Metallic Rick rack
– Silk Embroidery
– Flower wire
– Fill
– Hot glue gun and glue
– Fabric scissors or rotary cutters

First, print your pattern in full size and glue it together. Use it to cut all your parts as shown. Embroider on your eyes as you like. If you want to add a pattern to its back quarters, embroider it now. I used a disappearing marker to make the drawing before stitching it.

Embroidery is where you can add personality to make the unicorn more cartoon – like or just keep it for more sophistication. Also remember if you want to give this to a small child so that they do not contain 3D decorations such as buttons on which he could bite and suffocate.

Then fold the horn in half (as you make a festive hat) and sew the side with a 1/4″seam border. Turn it to the right. To give stability, bend part of the hemmed side inward and drill to the top of this line.

Fill the horn tip with hot glue for even more stability. With your hot glue gun, fix the metal frame again in a spiral around the horn.

To create your ears, sew two of the parts together, with the right sides facing each other. Cut off the excess seam from the stitch, and then turn it to the right. Fold the bottom of the ear in half and sew along the edge to bend the soft little inner ear.

To make the tail, wrap the thread around your hands several times, then tie the ends together and fix all the loops. Cut the bottom of the loops and tie the ends of your previous knot around the top to get a tassel for the tail.

You start the mane in the same way, wrapping the thread around your hand several times. Cut the loops in one place to create several even pieces. Sew them with a small stitch length in the middle. I sewed it twice to make sure it was strong. Fold the mane in half and sew along the folded edge so that all the manes point in the same direction.

Adjust the bottom of the body with one side of the body. Sew them together with a seam edge of 1/4″ from the center of the back to the center of the front. The seams need to go from one pin to another in the photo above.Once the bottom is fixed on one side, sew it to the other side in the same way.

This will create four legs, but leave the upper body open.

Sew the helmet around the head from the bottom in the middle of the top to one side of the body. Be sure to insert the ear into the seam with the inside of the ear fold forward.Put the tail with the knot outwards with the tail inwards. Sew from the top of the hind legs, where the bottom is fixed. Sew to the point where the top brooch is located in the photo above. Then sew the front side in the same way from the top of the seam of the front leg to the top of the head, treating the head as part of the side to which it is already attached. Do not forget to insert the second ear. Stop sewing on the top of the helmet.


Unfold the body to the right. Use a magic wand to turn the legs completely. Sew the horn by hand to the top of the head in front of the ears. Create a metal frame that adapts to the legs and body if you want the unicorn to be upright and poseable. Hot glue all joints and at the pointed ends. Push it into the legs and body. Fill with the filling with the wand to get the filling in the legs.

Sew the mane on one side of the body. Press the seam allowance into the body and tuck both sides together. Gently sew the seam up to close the rest of the opening of the unicorn.

These may take a while, but the result is so beautiful! The (big) little children in your life will be happy to receive this Magical beauty, or you can exhibit one for viewing.

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