The 20 Highest Paid Musicians in the World

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Remember back when people first started illegally downloading music and all of the record stores started closing down and everyone said that artists would never get rich again? Well apparently some musicians didn’t get the memo.

Turns out, being a good ol’ fashioned rock star is still pretty big business. As the music industry changes, the biggest stars across all genres are finding new, inventive ways to turn their talent into a fortune. Sure, no one is really getting rich off of record sales, but that was never really how the big stars made the big bucks anyway. Whether it’s through touring, entrepreneurial ventures, or turning to new, more lucrative forms of entertainment, these musicians continue to bring home huge paychecks year after year. Check out who made our 20 Highest Paid Musicians in the World list:


Roger Waters – $46 million

Wouldn’t it be great if you could show back up at a job you quit, work for a little while, and then leave with tens of millions of dollars? That’s essentially what singer, guitarist, bassist, and Richard Gere lookalike Roger Waters did.

The English musician left the renowned band Pink Floyd in 1985. Though he spent nearly 18 years not performing with the band, he came back for The Wall Live tour between 2010-2013. The tour grossed nearly half a billion dollars (yes, billion with a B), and Waters brought home $46 million for his time.


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