10 Celebs You Thought Were American But Actually Aren’t

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There are plenty of celebrities who make it into your favorite films and TV shows, posing as an American. In fact, many of us are so convinced that we truly believe these people are American. However, you may be surprised to learn that plenty of our favorite ‘American’ celebs actually hail from all different parts of the world. Here are 10 celebs you thought were american but actually aren’t.


1. Nicki Minaj

Topping the US Billboard charts time and time again, this rapper and singer isn’t actually from the US. Nicki Minaj was born in Saint James in Trinidad and Tobago in 1982, living there until she was 5 years old. After living with her grandmother due to family circumstances, Nicki finally moved out of Trinidad and Tobago with her mother in 1995. The family then moved to Queens in New York, which is where Nicki went to school and followed her passion for music. Both of her parents were from Trinidadian backgrounds, which may be where Nicki gets her unique singing voice from. Nicki didn’t always want to become a singer, especially not after losing her nerve at a musical audition at school. She tried very hard to become an actress throughout her teenage years and took on odd jobs to help fund her dream. It wasn’t until 2007 that Nicki began to follow a different dream, that of music. She began rapping for a group called The Hoodstars, before getting her big solo break in 2009. She now considers herself to be more American than Trinidadian.


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